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I myself at that time thought that the only difference independence would make would be Malaysians would take over the administration of the country from the British. Nothing much more than that. I was a Member of Parliament then. The population was a mere 10 million and we were reproducing at 3. Still the other developing countries would be behind us. It was a time when the rubber estates and tin mines were still owned by foreigners.

Bringing in foreign capital sounded like increasing overdependence on foreign enterprise. We did not quite relish the idea of more foreign involvement in our newly independent country. But without capital inflow unemployment would beby Together withunemployed inthe rate would go up to , a horrendous figure. In the second five-year plan the public section was to spend 4, million Ringgit of which 1, million Ringgit was to come from foreign sources borrowing.

Malaysia would have to depend on foreign capital inflow. Dr Lim remarked that political independence had not freed us from dependence on foreign capital. Still, he said, it was consistent with political independence. He named several developed countries which depended on foreign capital inflows. He then turned to the rubber industry which was undergoing great difficulties because of the increasing usage of synthetics. He concluded that the difficulties of the rubber industry was also the difficulty of the nation in view of the strategic and preeminent role the industry occupied in the Malaysian economy.

The United States was making things more difficult through the release of their rubber stockpile. I was shocked when the Ambassador said that it was important for the US economy to keep rubber prices low.

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I told him that rubber prices were more critical to a small country like Malaysia than to a huge diversified economic power like America. But he did not care what happened to Malaysia. Yet at that time we looked up to America as a friend and liberator. Rubber prices went down from At the time Dr Lim wrote his article it was 50 cent per pound. The kampong people suffered grievously. The other major source of income for Malaysia was tin. Already the production was decreasing. We may be surprised but after tin came iron ore.

We produced 7. We produce no iron ore for export today. But the picture was bright for palm oil. In we exported By we exported Imagine how small we were then. Dr Lim believed that growth would be from the domestic sector, with public sector contributing much towards it. Yet Dr Lim was optimistic. I write this in order to remind ourselves as to what we were like before. In no one thought of a Malaysia like what it is today. We did not think of industrialisation.

We saw ourselves as a producer of raw materials. Foreign Direct Investment was an unknown term when Dr Lim Chong Eu invited foreign industrialists in the early 70s to invest in the electronic industry on liberal terms. Only National or Matsushita came. But later we gave priority to job creation to benefit not those with money to invest but the unemployed workers.

That was the best decision the Malaysian Government ever made. Today Malaysia is more prosperous than the other countries which attained independence together with us. There is not a single race, not a single person, whatever may be his or her station in life who can honestly say that he or she has gained nothing from the independent Governments of Malaysia.

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We are all the beneficiaries of the policies of those early people who lead this country. The systems and policies they initiated were excellent.

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If they seem not to work today it is not because they were bad but it is because we do not have their caliber. We have become very selfish and too materialistic. This country has given us much. Is it still the country we love? I wonder! This is a country where I knew since I was very young that being a Chinese I can never be its prime minister. And that I would not got help in getting into university. NEP is successful in providing good education to many Bumiputra. But by doing so, it did not have to restrict the seats for non-Bumi. I still love this land and the community, but I must give my child a chance to decide whether to stay or to leave this country.

My eldest son should be out of College by next year. We have a shop, beautiful location by the mainroad, his friend have some funds, left by both of his parents. Tun, please help give them some directions and advice… Salam mesra dari kami. Salam Tunthis is my first time leaving a comment. Organised and easily understood with basic english.

Because of equality, I wonder why our country is still so………. Do we get this in Malaysia?? I dont think so. How far can Equality be measured??

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Tunmay Allah bless you with His love. Please continue to express your view because there are people who wants to hear it. Take care and best regards. What else they want? Tun, we used to be an agricultural economy. Then we moved towards an export oriented one, and now gradually after the crisis, a higher proportion of the GDP is derived from services. Nevertheless, what gives us a huge bargaining power and leverage is very much the natural resources like oil and palm oil.

As for oil, its a matter of time before it dries up. Given this, there is also a ificant brain drain to the country.

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Worse, we are losing our best brains to other countries. If the economy is to remain competitve 50 years from now, I think we have a huge talent gap to bridge. And the best way to nurture and retain talent is to acknowledge and reward it. Do you think an affirmative action policy would sustain talent? Will our citizens be up to the global competition 50 or years from now? Salam Tun, talking about loving our country… i remember last few week reading about the dispute between south korea and japan over Dokdo island known as takeshima to japan.

Dear Tun, Just a matter of fact, Prof Lim and familymany intellectuals and professionals have migrated since early 70s. Tun, I wish you good health and many more years of building our Malaysian dream. God Bless, hs.

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YAB Tun Dr. M, I have to compliment our friend En. Abdul Hamid… Well done Mr. You said well. XXX siapa itu orang…. Bagi nama atau titlelah at least…tak payah kita pikir-pikir panjang dan buat kesimpulan yang salah brader…. NEP sebenarnya bukan untuk bumiputera miskin tapi untuk yang sudah banyak kaya yang mahu tanbah lagi kekayaan….

Sampai bila nak cukup untuk mereka entahlah…. Yang kaya terus kaya, yang miskin kena tipu dengan berbagai-bagai kata manisan dari ahli politik…. At least sekarang ada setengah sudah bangun dan mahu perubahan…sudah tak tahan lagi kena tipu oleh kerajaan BN….

Awas BN!!!

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Rakyat sedang membangun dan akan terus membangun untuk keadilan…. Hak rakyat mesti di kembalikan, kalau tidak rakyat akan merampas hak mereka satu hari nanti dan hari itu bukan jauh…. Ringgit sliding further and further under BN Gan Jul 8, 08 pm Recently, I interviewed some fresh graduates applying for jobs with my engineering company. I accepted two applicants on a starting salary of RM It struck me as odd that 15 years ago, I myself started work as a fresh graduate engineer for the same pay. To compound the effect of inflation, the ringgit has depreciated greatly against all major currencies.

The real income of most Malaysians has moved backwards.

Personal sex ads pa Damaimakmur

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