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Marylebone Cricket Club was founded intaking as its home a cricket ground set up by the ambitious entrepreneur Thomas Lord staged his first match — between Middlesex and Essex — on a ground on Dorset Fields in Marylebone. The following year, MCC laid down a Code of Laws, requiring the wickets to be pitched 22 yards apart and detailing how players could be given out.

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Its Laws were adopted throughout the game — and the Club today remains the custodian and arbiter of Laws relating to cricket around the world. Having provided the Marylebone Cricket Club with a ground for 38 years, Lord retired before passing away seven years later - but his name lives on.

In the s, MCC decided it wanted to get involved in county cricket, which was growing in popularity, and, init invited Middlesex to adopt Lord's as its county ground - an arrangement which continues over years later.


In MCC sent James Lillywhite and an England side to Australia in what would become the first official Test match - although it was not until 26 years later, inthat MCC undertook responsibility for England's tours in an official capacity. A painting of him by Archibald Stuart-Wortley was presented to the Club in and still hangs in the famous Long Room.

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At the turn of the century, the Board of Control for Test Matches, the Advisory County Cricket Committee and the Imperial Cricket Conference were all set up to cater for the growth in domestic, and international cricket. These bodies existed until when there was a major reorganisation of cricket in England. As a result, cricket started to receive financial help from the Government.

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MCC plays more matches than any other cricket club — around per year against schools, universities and clubs in the UK, and between 20 and 30 fixtures annually as part of its overseas touring programme which aims to develop cricket abroad. On the international stage, MCC has a World Cricket Committee, currently chaired by Mike Gatting, that contains eminent current and former players and administrators.

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It has a remit to act as an independent think tank debating issues and making recommendations about the health and state of the game, as well as to commission research. The original MCC colour of sky blue was replaced in Victorian times by the famous red and yellow. They are now recognised the world over affectionately referred to as 'egg and bacon'. MCC Museum houses a boundary flag dating from this period, which is the earliest known example of the red and yellow monogram, but it remains a mystery on why these colours were chosen — though a of explanations have been proposed.

The colours are similar to those used as racing colours by The Duke of Richmond who had strong ties with the Club in the early days of MCC. While it has also been suggested that the colours were borrowed from the wandering club I Zingari who were founded in and shared many members with the MCC. Whatever their origin there is no doubt that the colours of MCC are among the most famous club colours and are instantly recognised across the sporting world.

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Of these Presidents, a had notable titles outside the Club; one was a member of the Royal Family, 93 were noblemen, eight were honourable, six were baronets and 13 were knights. Please Note: No records remain - the fire of 28 July destroyed them. Sangakkara A. Sir Stanley Jackson.

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Steel 4th Earl Howe Hon. Ivo Bligh. Smith Hon. Denison Vyell E. Hervey-Bathurst, Bt. Ashley Herbert Jenner H. Howard William Deedes Hon. Ponsonby J. Barnard A. Barnett H. Lane B. Aislabie H. Lloyd Lord Strathavon. The Beginning.

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Next steps. The Club Today. The Colours of MCC.

Origin international dating club

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Origin international dating club