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Coming up with sweet things to say to a girl can be tough for some of us guys because society has not always been supportive of men verbalizing their emotions. Only recently has there been a huge push toward communication that reflects what's really in our hearts.

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We've compiled an extensive list of sweet things to say to her to suit any situation. Whether you're in a long term relationship already or you're considering how to get a girlfriendgetting yourself comfortable with all the ways there are to say you love her is a of maturity and personal excellence. You'll want to know how to talk to girls to bridge the chasm between the sexes that becomes less and less ificant with each passing year. Knowing what to say to a gir l can seem daunting at first, especially if you've spent most of your time with your guy friends or you didn't grow up with sisters.

While it's true that on the surface, girls have a different style of communicationwe're all human. There are curiosity and longing on both sides. It's time to step up the authenticity of your relationships. If you've ever wondered what to say to a girlthis list is for you. We always remember the first time meeting people who have influenced us the most because we feel the shift energy with a sense beyond our five physical ones. You're saying that her presence alone is healing and uplifting. To be recognized just for simply being is one of the most affirming things imaginable.


Sweet things to say to a girl can include making it clear that any experience you have is heightened by her presence. In other words, you miss her. That breathless feeling where joy and adoration make you gasp is one of the best parts of being in love. You want to find yourself in a relationship with a woman that helps you be a better version of yourself and sharing that your conscious of it is incredibly rewarding to another. You are reveling in a deeper connection with her than you usually experience and you are expressing gratitude for her empathy and attention.

Like us, most women start out with that voice of insecurity in their head that worries whether people around her are judging her. It is a relief to be told that the very things that gave her anxiety are seen by someone else as beautiful. You're saying that your aspirations for growth and exploration lie outside of the typical square.

You're expressing openness to spontaneity when you acknowledge the ways she's unexpectedly influenced you. We all wear our masks when we're out and about. It's time to take them off. You'll want to know how to start a conversation with a girl that inspires both of you to feel more for the other with each passing moment.

You'll want to know how to sustain it too. Real connection takes courage. This question is powerful. You are asking what she wants and needs from you to feel loved. Be aware that if she struggles with self-esteem, this is one is a hard one to answer authentically. Sometimes we're afraid to ask for what we really need because we're used to being disappointed or we don't think we really deserve it. A girl loves when a guy notices her nuances and thinks to comment on them. It lets her know that he's present with her.

This question offers a window into her insecurities or something she's had past trauma around. You have a chance to become more familiar with what triggers her. Awareness of each other's wounds is an important part of a strong relationship. Some women love being called by a cute nickname, others hate it. Asking first shows consideration.

If she's into it, pet names are a great way to grow intimacy. Find out about how she handles feelings of regret. Discover her reflections on how she has changed. Learn what she values. You'll also gain insight into how strong she is in the capacity to learn from her mistakes. We all have deal breakers. Some of us have many. Some of us have few.

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Some deal breakers are universal truths. Others reflect traumatic responses and insecurities. Others seem irrelevant and petty but must be respected just the same. It's best to get these out of the way early so they don't come as a shock down the line. What experience with you would knock her socks off, so you can plan it?

You'll learn about the physical experiences she values. This is a big one to ask at the beginning of a relationship to gauge future compatibility. Compatibility around how a couple spends their leisure time together is the foundation of a relationship. If one partner feels pressure to go out or stay in when they don't want to, that can lead to dissatisfaction later on. This is a huge indicator of her values and her ability to recognize the positivity in her life. Is she a glass half empty or a glass half full kind of person?

And in turn, which one are you? A woman whose gratitude list is infinite is an emotionally healthy person. Compatibility of goals is an integral discussion point in every relationship. Discussing them will encourage you to become aware of your own goals and your level of flexibility around short and long term personal goals. Does her answer concern only an event in her own life or does she hop into her time machine to bound across history to observe or influence lives beyond her own?

You'll learn how wide or narrow the scope of her thought process is. Maybe you've just started dating a girl that you're really into and you dream of calling her your girlfriend allowing a real relationship to unfold. We've put together a list of things to say to a girl you like so that you can really make the best of your newfound attraction.

The healthiest kind of relationship is one where both partners are inspired rather than jealous when observing their partners show love, devotion, commitment and adoration toward others in their life. There comes a point where there really aren't any words that can contain the full vibration of love itself and two partners operate on intuitive connection alone.

Love between two souls ceases to be containable by the mental mind. You differentiate between the shallow, material aspects of life shown to us in the media and wish for something more. The stuff of life that the economy can't be driven on.

You are saying that you know you have only seen the tip of the iceberg of her excellence and you're excited to understand more with time. You're letting her know that that sixth sense is awake in her presence and you're feeling things with your heart and intuition and your body when you are with her. Chemistry refers to a pheromone response. It is primal and powerful.

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Texting is an integral part of courtship these days. It can be very stream-of-consciousness. It allows us to keep our loved ones in our daily life experiences and get to know someone's reactions to the daily mundane. Sweet things to say to a girl over text can also really encourage her throughout the day and keep your flame alive. You'll want to know how to text a girl to keep both of you interested, engaged, and moving forward in your relationship. You'll also want to know how to start a text conversation with a girl in the early phases of dating.

The perfection of a smile knows no bounds. We love hearing the voices our loves. Whether bound by the roughness of sleep or singing to the strumming of a guitar. Take it beyond texting. Bonding over deep questions takes you one step past the simplicity of sweet things to say to a girl and into the beyond of authentic relationship and higher love.

We've got you covered with a handy go-to list of interesting things to talk about with a girl so you can get to know her as well as you know yourself. You'll learn where she feels humble. Notice whether she mentions an ability like "basketball," or a character trait like "being patient.

Romantic movies were created to reflect the human longing for intimacy and love. If romantic movies resonate with her, chances are she likes to express her love in a similar way. How much do synchronicities influence her life? Is she superstitious? Does she see angel s like, and everywhere she goes? This question is huge. It reveals the trajectory of her goals for personal growth and how far along she is in it.

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You'll gain insight into how she receives the influence of role models and what kinds stand out to her. You'll learn how she has changed that caused her to lose contact with them and the parts of herself that she wants to regain. If it is a sentimental memory of hers, she might love if you bought it for her again to show how you honor the child she once was. How much or how little has her life trajectory changed since she was young? Has she "started over" along the way? How has she dealt with potential setbacks and how has she grown through the challenges? Was it a game like hide and seek? An organized sport like basketball?

A video game? Wheel of Fortune? You'll find out a lot about her lifestyle preferences in this one simple question. Does she choose the ocean or the mountains? The city or the country? Somewhere warm or cold? A specific place that supports a specific lifestyle? This is another power question.

Need a sweet girl talk to

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