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Ask Smithsonian Beautiful people are indeed happier, a new study says, but not always for the same reasons. For handsome men, the extra kicks are more likely to come from economic benefits, like increased wages, while women are more apt to find joy just looking in the mirror.


Hamermesh is the acknowledged father of pulchronomics, or the economic study of beauty. It can be a perilous undertaking.

Touching Hands on the Escalator! Man Edition!

He once enraged an audience of young Mormon women, many of whom aspired to stay home with future children, by explaining that homemakers tend to be homelier than their working-girl peers. Since beautiful women tend to be paid more, they have more incentive to stay in the work force, he says.

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Interestingly, the net benefit is slightly less for comely women, who may make up the difference by trading on their looks to marry men with higher earning potential. And some studies have shown that attractive people are more likely to be hired in a recession.

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Homely quarterbacks earn 12 percent less than their easy-on-the-eyes rivals. There are even studies suggesting that for every dollar spent on cosmetic products, only 4 cents returns as salary—making lipstick a truly abysmal investment. One study showed that the unbecoming may actually profit from their lack of looks. People tend to expect less from the unattractive, so when they surpass those low expectations they are rewarded. Wilson, a Rice University political scientist who co-authored the study. More information is available at her website: abigailtucker.

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According to a new study, beautiful people are indeed happier but not always for the same reasons. Illustration by Peter Horvath Beautiful people are indeed happier, a new study says, but not always for the same reasons. Post a Comment.

Looking for a handsome fun man

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