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A large, doughy white woman is bent over naked on a bed in the middle of a small, stuffy room. His arms are covered in sailor tattoos and his hands dig into her full hips. Her head is in the lap of another woman who is clothed and holding a plastic cup. The clothed woman sips out of the cup while laughing and talking with a man who, also fully clothed, is lying next to her.

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Her body begins to shake as the man continues to pound her relentlessly. This is the second floor of the Tennessee Social Club at 1 a. And on any given weekend night, the place is packed until at least 2 a. His voice echoes throughout the cavernous, empty room. Just three letters: SOB. The SOB guidelines also require that dancers register with the city, have a criminal background check and get fingerprinted. While most in the adult entertainment business think that some regulation is a necessity, almost everyone—from club owners to managers and especially dancers—feels that the SOB guidelines and enforcement are overly punitive and have decimated their businesses.

And these business owners become nearly apoplectic when it comes to the issue of equal enforcement—in other words, the strict regulation of strip clubs vs. He teaches the dancers new routines, creates elaborate costumes and consults with club owners on lighting and sound. Savage most recently worked for Club Platinum, which was shut down by a Nashville judge last October for failing to comply with SOB guidelines.

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Nashville is not alone in struggling with how to fairly regulate this type of business. Last fall, a law that would have severely restricted topless clubs from operating in Scottsdale, Ariz. This effort came after the city had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to shut down some of these businesses.

In June, the Detroit City Council had to shell out almost half a million dollars—and may yet have to pay more—to settle a lawsuit brought by a strip club that contested the legality of city licensing laws restricting strip clubs. The Detroit Free Press reports that these laws could end up costing that city millions more if other pending suits are not settled out of court. Houston, Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh all have wrestled with this issue in the past year, at great cost to their taxpayers.

In two of these cases, courts ordered that the strip clubs should be allowed to operate with even less regulation than before. Eventually, Nashville also may find itself having spent a good chunk of taxpayer money fighting for and enforcing a code that may be overturned in court or scrapped by public officials who deem it overly restrictive.

What makes Nashville different from these other cities is the kind of double standard that our adult businesses face in regulation, and the sordid history of sex clubs here. And then one night intwo year-old women were stabbed to death in a gruesome double homicide at the Exotic Tan Club on Church Street. Included in the bill was the creation of a board to enforce and administer the new law. When asked how to define hard-core pornography, U.

It would be eight years before the matter would be settled and the SOB board would begin its reign over the G-strings and gyrations of Nashville strippers. The litigation would cost the city well over a half-million dollars in payment to strip club owners and their attorneys.

And this was before the SOB laws had begun being enforced in earnest. In the meantime, the police vice division went on the offensive, shutting down dozens of houses of prostitution fronting as strip clubs or day spas. As Metro Law director, current mayoral candidate Karl Dean was also a big player in shuttering sex businesses. He used nuisance laws to target and close more than a dozen of them.

So, bywhen the SOB ordinance cleared legal hurdles and was ready to be enforced, most of the adult businesses left were on the up and up. It makes that much sense. Stephanie says that because of the rule, fewer men come to the club. Todd says that the three feet specified by the rule may be arbitrary, but nevertheless necessary.

Why not two feet? Why not 18 inches? Does someone have to be rubbing their breasts in your face or just standing in front of you dancing? The law is just trying to quell the thirst for sex in the establishment. But the rule is not the only aspect of the SOB guidelines that strippers and their bosses oppose. The ordinance also requires that dancers and club owners get s, a process that requires applicants to undergo a criminal background check. While this may be a good idea in theory, the Metro Police Department—on at least one occasion—made the process itself much more difficult, and degrading, than necessary.

The police denied that any of this happened, but Capps sticks by her story. Todd admits that in some instances, application of the ordinance could be smoother.

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At least one of those calls was in response to a quadruple shooting in May. Why not the Tennessee Social Club? On one level, walking into the Tennessee Social Club is like stepping into any other nightclub in town. The club is BYOB, so the only refreshments available at the bar are soda and juice. On the dance floor there are perhaps a dozen people standing conga-line-style facing a chair. Perched in the chair, facing the line is an obese woman in a miniskirt and tube top. The line is a study in diversity. There are men, women, whites, blacks and Asians. Some appear to be in their early 20s while others look closer to They sway and dance in place to the music, and all are smiling.

At the head of the line is a skinny older woman with brown, teased hair. The older woman flips the breasts around like beanbags, slapping her nipples. Behind her the line whoops and laughs. Next in line is a short, round black man with a shiny bald head. He crawls over to the woman seated in the chair on his hands and knees before burying his face between her legs. The people standing behind him cheer wildly as the bald man shakes his head back and forth like a coked-up line judge at Wimbledon. The woman grabs her legs below the knees and spre them wide, lolling her head back and closing her eyes.

Her moans are buried beneath the cacophony of music, cheering and stomping feet on the dance floor. When the bald man is finished, he wipes his mouth on his sleeve and returns to the end of the line. At the cocktail tables, some watch the dance floor with interest while others amuse themselves in other ways.

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Like any other bar or nightclub, there are regulars in the crowd who seem to know everyone. Unlike any other bar or nightclub, most of these regulars are topless. Many couples clearly come to the Tennessee Social Club looking for other couples who are of the same age and general description. The soft, graying somethings pair off with other somethings. Meanwhile, the young, attractive couples cut loose and swap spit on the dance floor. Part of that could be that downstairs, where the bar and dance floor are located, is really just a staging area. The real action goes on upstairs.

There you will find raw, kinky, unprotected, unadulterated, unencumbered and most definitely unregulated sex of almost every description. There are no outside windows, so the humid air is cloying and stagnant. A room for lounging is painted Titans blue with molded plastic booths. Just off of this room is the dungeon, which has a single window that faces the hallway so that everybody can watch the discipline being meted out within. As dungeons go, this one is pretty small, though apparently well equipped. On a recent Saturday night, a couple enters with a large, boxy, suitcase and unpacks some leather gear from home, including a black mask and ball gag.

The couple appear to be in their mids. As the woman zips up the mask and selects from a variety of whips hanging on the wall, the man strips naked and then waits patiently before a large cross.

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In the darkened hallway outside, a man sits alone before a computer monitor looking at extremely graphic pornography while masturbating. Small, cubby-like beds line each wall and gauzy, see-through curtains hang over them. On one bed, a couple is having sex while a pair of couples undress in the middle of the room, taking turns fellating one another in the stuffy heat of this small, unventilated space. The scenes within speak to the absurdity of a law that prohibits lap dances by d professionals while allowing blowjobs and naked butt-whippings at a for-profit enterprise.

Todd concludes this explanation with a statement that follows many of his defenses of the SOB ordinance. I just enforce them. The crowd is young, good-looking and largely affluent. Grateful PLAY patrons, male and female, form lines—often 20 deep—at either end of the stage. They wait expectantly, chins uplifted, grinning as the fit, colorful divas whirl and dance before them.

They clutch dollar bills in their hands, waiting for their turn at the head of the line. When the patrons get to the edge of the stage, the divas bow gracefully, pausing either in mid-performance or after executing a stunning finish, to accept the cash tribute from this member of their adoring public. If the performer is wearing a thong—sequined or otherwise—she might lift one of the strings alluringly, making room for the folded tip.

Other PLAY performers will push their surgically—or tissue-paper-enhanced—breasts together to pluck the bills from the expectant hand before them. Still others will grab the gift between clenched teeth, while smiling a mile-wide grin. Savage becomes nearly enraged when the young man pats the dancer on her bare bottom. Jim Todd—who Savage has said is a fair and honest broker for the SOB board—thinks that this attitude misses the point.

Before the recently completed renovation of the new Howard School building, the Sexually Oriented Business Licensing Board met in a large, gray box of a room in the old one. The board itself has five members and is often assisted by legal counsel from the Metro Law Department. Last spring it hired Christine Gruen to fill the post after the last inspector, Tommye Sutton, reed. The meetings are usually low-key affairs consisting of fines being handed out after strippers or bouncers testify politely.

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Herbison has artfully represented strip clubs and other adult businesses for years, often to the frustration of those who have tried to regulate the industry. SOB inspector Sutton is giving testimony about an illegal lap dance that he witnessed and surreptitiously videotaped.

When Herbison gets a chance to question the inspector, he does so with an energy and flair more consistent with the defense of a capital case than with picking apart a local business ordinance. The inspector, who may not have been expecting such a grilling, shifts uncomfortably in his seat and answers the questions in a barely audible growl.

Finally, the board began its deliberations and found that the stripper and the club had violated the SOB ordinance. When it came time to decide on a penalty, the board concluded that it would be a waste of time to issue one. The club had gone out of business a month before the hearing, a victim of violations. Edit Close. Toggle Menu. Like what you read? Tweets by pithinthewind. In Print. August 12, - August 18, Vol.

Local naked girls Nashville

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