I m looking for a text buddy

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TEXT TO SPEECH - I am a famous and rich bacon!!!

Without all the inside jokes and favorite. While you may feel that WhatsApping back and forth is a bit less socially taxing than an in-person brunch, thinking of things to text a new friend is an exercise in creativity.

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If sending more than two messages at a time, or responding within five minutes, feels too intense for you, take the conversation slowly. Running dry on things to say? Here are 11 ideas to take the conversation to the next level.

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Going one on one can be a lot of pressure. If there are a few mutuals, Jackman recommends picking one who has an easy time starting conversations and helps out during pauses.

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Asking questions has the added bonus of making the other person feel comfortable. Express real interest in their life and what they like. Letting them in on your plans also creates a feeling of intimacy. Send an article for them to read, or a TikTok to watch, that you can then discuss over coffee.

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They can give you tips, and you can revel in your victories or share your minor failures. Are they really into red wine?

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Obscure French films? Sustainable fashion?

Dating- Getting to know someone vs. Text buddy/ Call buddy

Social justice organizations that need donations? Ask them for their best tips.

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Daydreaming together can be a fun bonding activity — particularly when it comes to sharing aspirations you could do together one day. By JR Thorpe. Any Good Stories?

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Made A New Friend? Here’s What To Text Them