Free for women sex phone lines

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As a phone sex operator for over ten years, I know the good s from the bad. So I took it upon myself to put together this collection of the best phone sex s that offer genuine free trials and are sure to… finish you off. Some of these s are chat lines that require you to first record a greeting about yourself. Others plug you right into the action.

Either way, these lines do the trick.

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Some are better than others. None are bad. The ratings are just to give you an idea of how I think about these things. Yes, I know. This is a new line I just came across and I must say, it delivers the goods. And when I say the hung, I mean it. Chat XXX brings it. And, of course, the free minutes — 30 minutes are awesome. The real deal. Men have to pay in order to chat live, but they can listen to and send unlimited private messages for free.

The callers here are all singles looking for erotic phone chat. When I am bored, I can always count on this to satisfy my urges. The name says it all. Yes you have to pre-record a greeting and request to speak to other callers.

There are some serious professionals here who will get you off in no time. Run by Teligence out of Canada, RedHot provides free 30 minutes to guys. Attention gentlemen and ladies! But this is the genuine article. Operating out of Nevada, FreeChatGirls is a combo dating and phone sex line that serves the interests of both clientele. FreeChatGirls is staffed by girls who have been doing this for years.

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The best part is the very generous 30 free minutes. Let me ask you this: Do you consider yourself a freak? Freaky Chat is the line where people feel free to get their freak on.

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You connect with others who live nearby for phone sex. They have a cool website to boot. If you know me at all, you know that I love extremely dirty phone sex. The phone sex on this line is nothing short of wild, which is just how I like it. Connect with tons of naughty strangers who loved to play dirty. Nothing is cleaned or sugar-coated on this amazing phone sex line. I love to talk about my deepest desires with other people, which is why I recommend this line.

I particularly like the open-minded attitude and how juicy the conversations quickly get. Ok, ok. The Phone Sex Queen is an elite phone sex provider who has gotten thousands of men off with the sound of her voice. Horny Chat is a phone sex line that is available to you all day or night. Call in and wait to match with people who live right near you. At first blush, it appears like a dating site. A bunch of profiles and options to connect with the girls.

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This is where the phone sex magic is. You have to register a profile before calling, which is kind of a pain. The free minutes go by fast, so make a decision quick if you want to hang on the call. The clean exterior masks the nastiness. The girls are experienced, quick on their feet and know how to guide your fantasies to the finish line. The 10 free minutes are a nice touch. Aside from phone, they also offer a video product.

But I can only vouch for their phone product, which is excellent by all standards. The one thing that keeps them from 5 stars is the consistency of the phone actresses. Either way, the free 30 minutes are generous and well worth it. You have to use that in order to get the free trial. The 5 minute free trial is just enough time to get you going. Truthfully, I was a little hesitant to put this one on the list. Once you choose a girl, you pay.


I included SinCats to give you a feel for the different types of phone sex products out there. There a few like this, another one being NiteFlirt, so I thought it best to at least include one.

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Phone sex is a fantastic way to spice up your sex life. But tons of people stop themselves from enjoying it. Like any other enjoyable sex act, you will never know how you really feel about it until you give it a go. But I understand that it can be quite intimidating. Read on to get all your free phone sex questions answered so that you can have a good time without any fear or anxiety.

A chat line is the quickest way to engage with singles in your area. This makes it ideal for engaging in phone sex as well. People use chat lines for phone sex all the time. When people use chat lines for phone sex, they usually call erotic or party chat lines.

But honestly, phone sex happens on all the lines. And yes, many of them offer free trials. However, some free trials are limited to message exchanges. You have to pay in order to talk live with someone. They set you up with professionals in the phone sex industry.

These are usually women who are paid to have phone sex.

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This totally depends on your preference, but we think yes. Chat lines connect real people looking for genuine moments.

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They are horny and want to have phone sex, plain and simple. Chat lines also tend to be way cheaper than phone sex s. Chat lines offer lengthy packages whereas phone sex s usually have you paying by the minute. Several studies suggest that while a majority of adults want to have phone sex, many of them are too afraid of awkardness or rejection to give into their desires. Chat lines take that fear of rejection off the table, because everyone who calls into a sex chat line is there because they really do want to have phone sex.

However, the anxiety about keeping a great rhythm and flow are still there for tons of folks. There are luckily tons of ways to enhance your phone sex experienc eand make it the best that it can be! This way, you can bring up topics that you know turn them on. Their enthusiastic attitude will make the phone sex flow much more soundly. If you are into kinkier things than your partner suggests, you can introduce those fetishes and fantasies gradually to see how your phone sex partner reacts and respond accordingly. If your phone sex partner is turned on by things you have no interest in talking about, move on to another partner.

The best sex chat is had when both partners are loose and comfortable. Make sure you are wearing something you feel comfortable and sexy in. Sex toys are a useful prop when having phone sex and they might make you feel more comfortable on the line. Plus, they give you something to talk about! This is the most crucial tip for great phone sex. You want to paint a picture so hot that it inspires an orgasm from a distance. That comes down to picking a great topic and being as descriptive as possible.

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Use juicy adjectives and verbs to get you going. When it comes to topics and things you should say, here are a few that we know work! Using a chat line for phone sex is a safe way to enjoy sex with a stranger rather than a one-night-stand.

Free for women sex phone lines

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